Steps in the tax reform 1 to 2

Per step of tax reform are in the case example Germany 100 billion EUR redistributed. More purchase power, disburden work, eliminate the use of fossil energy.

  Comment about the tax table and tax estimation

90 billion with 10 Cent per kg CO2, but in step 2 with 25 Cent per kg CO2 only 170 billions. 220 million tons less CO2 emissions. But all forms of renewable energy are able to be taxed. The average yield of a 5 MW wind power plant promises 1,2 million EUR taxes. Only the own house roof is by the exempted amount at the ground usage tax free of taxes.

  Tax redistibution per year

  Step 1 Step 2
Decrease employer part of social insurance 1200.-EUR 2400.-EUR
Decrease employee part of social insurance 1200.-EUR 2400.-EUR
Not working adults 600.-EUR 1200.-EUR
Children 300.-EUR 600.-EUR

  Next steps not only by energy taxes

Already in step 2 are 11 billion EUR ground usage tax for wind energy and solar electric power. In step 3, the ground usage tax has to be expanded to all not direct energy ground usage.

Carbon dioxide CO2 tax
Extent and possbile tax rates, tax revenues and.expected end of the CO2 tax.

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