Photovoltaic vs electric power from coal

What is more expensive? Electric power from photovoltaic or coal? How depending this question is from the tax system are the first 2 steps of the tax reform showing.

The tax reform makes energy to produce photovoltaic more expensive. Human work is disburdened and cheapened, but this remains in this calculation not evaluated. The PV-systems are on houses, so they are by the exempted amount not influenced by the ground usage tax.

  Cost for electric power from coal - 1000 g CO2 / kWh incl VAT

  2009 - 6
  Step 1 - 18 Cent / kWh
  Step 2 - 36 Cent / kWh

  Solar electric power Germany 20 years 1,5% financing 3200 EUR kW Peak

Crystalline photovoltaic with 1.5 kg CO2 per W peak production costs.
900 kWh per kW Peak yearly yield.

  2009 - 20,7 Cent / kWh
  Step 1 - 21,7 Cent / kWh
  Step 2 - 23,1 Cent / kWh

  Solar electric power Spain 20 years 1,5% financing 2600 EUR kW Peak

Thinfilm photovoltaic with 1 kg CO2 per W Peak production cost.
1500 kWh per kW Peak yearly yield

  2009 - 10,1 Cent / kWh
  Step 1 - 10,5 Cent/kWh
  Step 2 - 11,1 Cent / kWh

Rentability from photovoltaic
Since decades, the enemies of photovoltaic told ''To expensive, it does not calculate''. Now we strike back. Mobility with crude oil is uneconomic.

Carbon dioxide CO2 tax
Extent and possbile tax rates, tax revenues and.expected end of the CO2 tax.

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