Subventions against increasing oil price

Subventions to decrease the demand for crude oil can be highly profitable for the industrial countries by damping the increase of the oil price.

  Profitable unequal affordable

Electric scooters powered by solar energy are profitable for all with enough education to understand the term "Total Cost of Ownership" and with enough liquidity to get an credit for the purchase.

Solar pumping stations in the agriculture are profitable. The farmer has to have only the chance for a credit to get it.

  Break even $1 less oil price for $30 billion subventions

When the oil price is by reducing the demand only single US$ less, the subventions to reduce the demand can be up to $30 billion.

  Intelligence test for governments

There is in the next years a very simple intelligence test for governments. Just look, give they subventions for crude oil of for the exit from oil. The most stupid what a government can to is to reduce taxes for fuel, to slow down the exit from oil.

Crude oil politics and the urgent exit from crude oil
How many times has the cycle oil price explosion recession to take place, until politics and economy realize, that a stable economy is only possible with renewable energy.

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