Stock market crisis

There are political streams believing that the stock market will solve all problems of mankind. But how can a stable full of disturbed chickens cause something positive?

  In July, I thought it's a punch and judy show

For months news always in the same scheme, the oil price rises, stocks from air lines and car producers sink, the oil price sinks, stocks from airlines and car producers rise. Had been the basic problems of oil dependency solved? No, I doubt that they thought even about one single quarter of a year.

I wrote beginning July punch and judy show stock market. Here I was unfair to successful entertainers for young people, to compare this with the stock market.

  Chicken stable stock market

The stock market is like a stable full of gaggling chickens. "Panic at the stock market" are the head lines of many news papers. Maybe a fox in the chicken stable.

  High economic power necessary

The whole mankind has to be changed to renewable energy. High living standard for the poor countries. A gigantic economic task. But gaggling chickens do not understand this. They solved the oil price shock provisional with a recession.

The situation is set up that each economic boom will be wiped of by a new oil price shock.

What I wrote as a warning in January is now reality. Fossil energy means recession. To deal with the problem is more intelligence necessary than the collective of a chicken stable can provide.

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