High oil price pays the exit from crude oil

When 1 million barrel a day less demand reduces the oil price by $20, this can be used as the base for a rentability caclulation for the exit from oil.

  The high leverage of less demand

1 million barrel are just right now about $140 million. But when 1 million barrel decreasing demand decreases the oil price by $20, would mean that for the other 84 million barrel are $1680 million less to pay.

  The current possibilities

The only existing vehicles for the mass market are electric scooters. In the 45 km/h limited class - this is a term from the EU European union about a class of scooters limited to 45 km/h. At the gasoline scooters with a 50ccm engine, at the electric scooters with maximal a 4 kW engine.

With a 60 Ah 48 V lithium battery are 150 km range possible. Current end user price for the top model with the large lithium battery about 4000.-EUR. At a mass production of the batteries, this should be soon lowered to 2500.-EUR. In addition a photovoltaic to produce enough electricity for 10,000 km a year.

At 1500 kWh per kW peak ad 4 kWh/100km, this means a 300 Watt modul is enough. Let's take a scond module, then it's also enough for a refrigerator and some electric devices. I addition a 3 kWh stationary battery.

Here we are again at the "freedom pack" like introduced 2007 at the alternative US-military budget. Makes all together at 3% interest over 20 years only 28.-EUR a month.

  An offer impossible to decline

Give us Your scooter to scrap. It should never again waste gasoline. You get for only 28.-EUR a month not only an electric scooter, refueling included, but also enough electric power for a small household. Do You not pay just right now 28.-EUR per month for gasoline? Gasoline will be soon more expensive!

So an interest supported 5000.-EUR credit saves over 20 years 6000 litre gasoline.

Crude oil politics and the urgent exit from crude oil
How many times has the cycle oil price explosion recession to take place, until politics and economy realize, that a stable economy is only possible with renewable energy.

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