G8 want to reduce CO2 emission by 50% until 2050

In Kobe, the environment ministers of the G8 agreed to lower the carbon dioxide emissions until 2050 to the half. A very unrealistic target.

  IEA April 2008: 3,7 bis 4,2% less oil production per year

In a dramatic turn around, Fatih Birol from the IEA statet, we have to calculate with 3,7 to 4,2% less oil production per year. From 85 million barrel a day will remain 2050 only 14 (at -4,2%) to 17 (at -3,7%). This few remaining oil is to valuable to burn.

Also natural gas will have soon the maximum producion. 2050 will only remain a small part of the current production.

  At only 25% more photovoltaic a year

Just right now, the world market for photovoltaic increases much more than 25% per year. But even at only 25% more until 2030 and 5% more after 2030, there will be 60,000 TWh photovoltaic electric power in 2050 (2003 15,900 TWh world electricity production)

Just right now, the German government parties agreed to new tariffs for the EEG energy delivery law. You can see this tariffs also as a price prognosis for photovoltaic. This price prognosis telss 0.1541 EUR per kWh solar electric power in 2020 in a country with less than 1000 kWh yearly solar energy

In southern Europe is with this 0,10 EUR / kWhh possible, okay, let's add 5 Cent for storage technology. How long can remain coal electric power against this rentable? Does really somebodey belive until 2050? With a little bit more CO2 price will be coal electric power uneconomic long before 2050.

As soon as photovoltaic is available in enough quantity and for a suitable price, governments will increase the price for CO2 certificates, and the clima killers will be stoped.

  It's not realistic to reach 2050 50% of our current CO2 emissions

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