Dreadful doing nothing

The IEA shows in a complete sharp turn of previous prognoses a catastrophe szenario, the oil price is already beyond 122 and the politicians play clerk Mikado.

  Politicians Mikado

They belive the game is, who moves first has lost. Valuable time is lost in this phase of unreal doing nothing. 35 years already lost. The exit from oil should have been started 1973 after the first oil crisis.

Politicians show long time obsolete rentability calulations based on $50 oil price., similar to moving long time destroied tank armies over the map.

Only a few have the courage to admit failures and to make a complete turn around towards all earlier publications and to publish new recognition. But our mass media are silent about this. Like 53 years ago about new miracle wappons, they write about a new discovered oil field, just enough for 400 days of todays worldwide consume.

  The 1000 year empire of cheap oil is at the end

Do something! Be active! Many politicians can not recognise reality, they see only the wall from lobbyists and wrong propaganda.

Contact some politicians, make them to subscribe to the news from our web sites, to be first time confronted with an other reality.

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