CO2 tax determination

2 complete different ideas for the determination of a CO2 tax, replacement of social security costs and the costs to for the removal of CO2 in the atmosphere have the same range.

  Sozial security / CO2

Calculated with the numbers of Germany.

500 billion EUR social security / 900 billion kg = 55 Cent

This ida was used 2004 in the first article about the tax reform pro human .

  Costs for the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere

Planting trees sound simple, but where is the place for it? Preferred in dry areas where nothing else grows and the trees are soon withered.

So let's calculate irrigation with sea water desalination by solar electric power. Even when in very sunny areas, solar electric power is only calculated with 10 Cent per kWh, a first calculation comes in a range from 40 to 70 Cent per kg CO2.

At 900 billion kg, this makes for Germany between 360 and 630 billion EUR.

  Same magnitude for complete different determination

It is noteworthily that 2 complete different methods for a CO2 tax determination are so close togehter

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