Civilization and the ability to store

The ability to store valuable products to balance times of overabundance and times of under-supply is a basic of civilization.

  The granaries of egypt

What would have been with egypt without the ability to store corn? In the good years, the price for corn would have dropped far in the bottomless, in the poor years, food riots would have smashed the government. They would have create nothing, what is possible to admire some thousand years later.

  Overexploitation of fossil stock

At what abilities should be our current civilization measured? On the ability of Overexploitation of fossil stock? The lightheartedness to put the waste of a primitive usage of fossil stock by burning into the air? At the a bility to put measureless damage on the following generations?

  Prerequisite for a civilization

Correct respectable energy, not coming from the overexploitation of fossil stock, has to have the possibility to be stored to balance the differences between offer and demand.

Correct respectable energy is sun, wind and water. Biomass will be need as raw material and have a very small roll in the energy supply.

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