Banking crisis

The production facilities are all intact, only the finance system is groggy. This is a big chance for the politic to do with the production something reasonable.

  Nationalized banks - ethic credit allocation

Who gets a credit and who does not get a credit? Let's take four typical examples.

  Until now, credit with no prolem

Hedge fond Helltigre needs for a hostile takeover 5 billion, fire 10.000 employees and sell after 2 years for 8 billion. Until now credit without problem. At ethical credit allocation as much chance as a vagrant requesting a credit for 100 litre schnapps.

Manager Shorttail needs urgent the newest super SUV with 730 PS Benzinmotor. He even brings a medical certificate about a starting inferiority complex since a Tesla electric car was faster than his car. By the CO2 balance of 450g CO2 per km complete unworthily for a credit.

  Until now, no chance for a credit

Small company RM wants for the own usage to built a plus energy house. Monthly payments the same as to rent the current apartment with operating expenses. The CO2 balance of the projects gives a credit without problems.

Trainee Sunfriend wants to go to his 30 km distant working place with a new electric scooter and to mount on the garage roof of his father 1 kW photovoltaic. 6000.-EUR credit for a trainee? Self-evident! CO2 neutral mobility instead of a cheap gasoline scooter with 500 litre gasoline or 1,2 tons CO2 a year.

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