Titanic: speed is important

Factor: Sister ship ''Olympic'' and maiden voyage record The Titanic shall cross the Atlantic faster than the sister ship ''Olympic'' one year before.

The Titanic shall perform the fastest maiden voyage of it's ship class and has to be faster as the "Olympic".
The sinking of the Titanic commented by Michael Palomino.
The Compare to our current situation by Roland Mösl.

  The duell of the ship lines - election campaign of today

Populismus for promotion instead of security. The passengers or the voting masses betrayed and sold from the advertising people of the ship lines or the election strategists of the political parties.

The ship lines meant to get more passengers, when the own ships are faster.

The political parties in election campaign mean to get more votes for promising more economic growth.

Energy politic
Decades of wrong energy politic. Instead of more living standard with less energy usage, partial the contrary was reached. A result of the wrong tax politic.

Critics on energy politic
The energy politic in the western industrial countries matches in stubbornness and incorrigibleness the politics in the east block from 1980 to 1989. A politics of demise.

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