Damage report of the Titanic

Factor investigation: One whole hour is needed to have the whole damage reported

Captain Smith comes to the bridge and asks: "What has this been?" He calls for technicians and engineers and one scout has to make the inspection of the ship. But the scout is not going deep enough in the ship and says all would be o.k. Only after a second engineer, Andrws, has made his inspection there is said that there is no rescue for the ship anymore.

Only this statement that Titanic will be lost needs one total hour...
The sinking of the Titanic commented by Michael Palomino.
The Compare to our current situation by Roland Mösl.

  Wellcome in present time

It's June 2008. We are exactly in thie hour, where the damage already happened, but the politicians did not realize, that the age of crude oil is at the end.

Energy politic
Decades of wrong energy politic. Instead of more living standard with less energy usage, partial the contrary was reached. A result of the wrong tax politic.

Critics on energy politic
The energy politic in the western industrial countries matches in stubbornness and incorrigibleness the politics in the east block from 1980 to 1989. A politics of demise.

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