Operation Freedom

Alternative US military budget. Freedom in mobility, independence fromi crude oil for all development countries. The simple freedom package; 600 Watt peak photovoltaic,

10 kWh batteries, 1 refrigerator, electric scooter, 1 notebook waith satellite receiver. This should not be a gift, this should be sold for a very good price with a very good credit.

Starting with 2010, the big freedom pack should also contain a plug-in-hybrid with extreme low consumption. Promising candidate for a huge contact over 100 million units is a small Munich company named Loremo.

  500 million freedom packages in 10 years

Target is to sell 50 million freedom packages per year. Special to people living off grid. off grid or with unreliable public grid. The US diplomacy will require countries supported with this action declared as development aid to make very strict exhaust gas norms and CO2 limits.

This will be easy to argument. The USA give high furtherance for the freedom packs to make a high living standard independent from oil possible. In exchange for this help strict exhaust gas norms and CO2 limits.

  Each freedom pack reduces the crude oil demand by 500 litre a year

The electric scooters replace complete the gasoline scooters, unable to fulfill the exhaust gas norms. For what expensive gasoline for an generator, when the photovoltaic of the freedom pack delivers electric power? 500 million freedom packs reducing the crude oil demand by 500 litre a year, that are 250 billion litre a year or 4,3 million barrel crude oil per day.

  Finance requirement $150 billion per year

In average is the furtherance for a freedom package $3000. The 50 million packs per year require $150 billion.

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