The meaning of life revealed

Game theory reveals: development of intelligent forms of life like humans is necessary to maintain all forms of life for a long time.

  A something like the fire department

If You are the major of a city again and again burned down,
then You will come to the conclusion: I need a fire department.

If You are a player in the game of life and You see again and again the terrible destruction after a meteorite hit then You will come to the conclusion:

I need something to protect a planet

This something is humanity. The first application of game theory at the game of life has found at last one task for humanity:

Protect Earth for the next some billion years

  Let's be cooperative in the game of life

A common observation at games in general: it's better to be cooperative with the ongoing game, with the rules and with the targets. For example, if the game is named football, the trainer will not like a passive player just standing around. And beware a player who wants to leave an ongoing game!

The current target for the next 40 years is: total change to renewable energy. You can not protect Earth for some billion years, if You waste all Your resources in less than some hundred years. 40 years is much for a short living human body, but it is only a single frame in the movie of eternity.

The next target is: develop a starship technology that You can handle a 100km stone with the same security like the world master in billiard handles an easy push.

Philosophy Philosophy
Long-term planning and stability have to be the guiding rules of politics. A philosophy based on the mathematic branch of games theory.

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